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Infinate             [Photo credit: ‘Doodle Interactive’]

Infinate [Photo credit: ‘Doodle Interactive’]

Sitting in front his mother’s painting, staring at her, reflecting on her journey with him through life, her premature death and the absence of his son both stirred up a void in him. It was in this place of loneliness and self reflection that Infinate found the inspiration for his upcoming sensational release, ‘Still Here.’
It was only last year that he took Saint Lucia by storm with his performance of ‘Bakara’ at Jazz on the Strip with his beat master brother, Yogi and Saint Lucian born Canadian rapper, Kayo. Since then he has released a music video of the song and has gone into his creative place to build on new material for his first album, ‘Unspoken Words: Soulful Vibrations’ which will be released in June this year.
“Still Here is my newest and favourite song on the album because it was at a very lonely and dark moment in my life. I was in a moment of reflection and much self-doubt when I wrote this song, so it has a lot of emotion put into it,” said Infinate, as he reflected on his life’s tribulations.
“It was a time when I was missing my mom who is no longer here and my son who’s now experiencing a different culture like I did at his age, very much. There are songs which give a snapshot into certain elements of your life, of specific things you went through. Well, this one is a snapshot almost like a timeline in terms of the emotions and nostalgia and the memories reflected in my mind. A lot of the elements in my life were put into this track so it gives the listener an insight into my journey;” said Infinate regarding his latest release. “After a thorough self-examination, this song feels like a rebirth of me. I’ve had lots of positive feedback from everyone who has heard the track and I’m happy they can relate to it and find strength from it like I have, so I think it has achieved its objective.”
Infinate’s ‘Still Here’ is a testimony that something beautiful can bud from a not so conducive moment in one’s life. All hope is never lost and once our perception can change then we can also change the outcome of any situation in our lives and be grateful for all the bad situations we’ve surfaced from, unmarked. Infinate has managed to pen in his own words the beauty that has sprouted in his life from having gone through hard times.
‘When life hammers and chisels at us, rather than looking at it as being chipped and broken, we should see it as being molded into the beautiful sculpture that we are meant to become, remaining thankful for the little things that bring true happiness in our search for superficial happiness,” added Infinate.
‘Studio 9’ based in Anse-la -Raye and founded by Yogi, has over the years made a name for itself and has helped craft hits from almost every genre of music. Yogi has not only left his mark at home with Studio 9 but has also been giving his time to mentor young people with talent in music in his community. One such mentoree is local producer Desmond Auguste alias ‘Ransumdaproducer’, who last year designed the beat for Mac 11’s Panda remix which won best Road Match song at Carnival. This popular remix propelled
the young producer’s career in music and now he is
working with several artists in Hip Hop, Soca, R&B and Rap.
Meanwhile Yogi and Kayo have been blazing the airwaves across Canada and North America representing their homeland Saint Lucia in music. The two creative gentlemen have again been nominated at the East Coast Music Awards (ECMA) this year and are looking forward to doing some workshops to help young people who have an interest in producing music in rural communities on the island.

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