Are we putting the Cart before the Horse

Carlton Ishmael

Carlton Ishmael

I often wonder what is most important to us as a Nation, is it peace and
tranquility or finding Jobs for the party supporter.
I am very disturbed by the frequency of Murders committed on Island these days and this makes me wonder if our focus should first be to quell the Crime problems, or should it be put on the back burner while we sell our
choice lands our birthright and try to satisfy the greed of some.
Whiles I think that the local Job market needs to improve, because far too many people are unemployed, I think it is equally important to deal with our Crime wave.
What is the point of having thousands of more visitors and new citizens to our island and the Country is not safe to live in.
I do agree that we have several personal needs, but if we do not live in a safer Country all our development plans, will end up in vain because the crime and violence will destroy the very structures that we spend money and investments on.
The new attitude of criminally stemmed from years of neglect of how and why we do things, if we take everything for granted and expect things to solve itself we shall never overcome.
Laws will always be broken but it is the examples you make of those who transgress the Laws that determine continuity or suppression of behavior. People follow faction, and do as they see others do, especially if they know to themselves murderers are seldom caught or brought to justice, or better yet if they are found guilty the human rights grouping will fight for their
release and their rights.
In our way of life Victims are the ones with no rights, and you can buy justice because the Lawyers are smarter than the Law makers and bribery is a way of life.
I am all for development am all for more or new jobs but I think the first Job is to clean up the crime mess.
The police is still using scare methods such as looking for smokers, and
petty criminals but where it comes to stamping out certain abuses or giving
maximum penalties for unlisted fire arm users the law is still sitting on their laurels and playing with their thumbs.
There is a school of thought that suggest crime is necessary to keep the
system alive because it is profitable to deal in crime associated matters, and if there is no crime how would the hundred of Lawyers survive.
If we have no inculcated new values, then the future we claim to want to build, will be useless.
The millions that we want to spend on concrete development is all going to
be wasted if we do not curb or lessen on the crime in our Country.
There is a solution to all problems, but it is always about how do you go about solving it. We try to deal with all material issues but fail to deal with the source of the problem which is reaching the Soul of the nation.
Big or small Country there is always a way, but it is the constant denial and not dealing with our reality that clouds our judgment.
We have to stop pretending, we must seek to put a stop to the things that affect us, it will not be alright in the morning if we do nothing to change how things are done in this County, let me repeat myself Crime is a result of the neglect of reality.
The Thinkers, the law makers the government will fail if they do not deal
with the greatest need of all, and to me that means the peoples safety.
We have to stop the bulshitting, remember as said before you can only fool
the people for a time.

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