Mirror Policy Statement

The Mirror provides a forum for individuals and organizations to express their views freely, and withinlegal constraints. There are several principles and objectives which guide this policy.The Mirror opens its columns to all shades of public opinion: political, religious social etc. It supports the policies of the government which are deemed to be in the best interest of our people and country.Likewise, it will criticize constructively, those policies and programmes that are deemed to be inimical to the national interest.

The mirror will discharge its responsibilities in news reporting, editing and presentation in an accurate and professional manner and with regard for truth, fairness, objectivity and impartiality. Wherever 2necessary, The Mirror will take the lead and present information to the public that will enable them to arrive at informed decisions on matters of national importance.The Mirror will support the policies or actions of any political party or group which, in its opinion, serves the national interest.

The Mirror will seek to cultivate and promote a “St. Lucian Spirit” by bringing to the attention of the public, the activities and achievements of outstanding nationals (individuals as well as organizations), and indentifying role models for younger generations.

The arrival of The Mirror coincided with a period of moral and social decline in St. Lucia. Consequently, we feel that we have a responsibility to play a part in seeking to reverse that trend. As a result, The Mirror will not accept for publication any material which seeks to promote the use of substances that cause addiction (especially alcohol and cigarettes), or material that is considered lewd or obscene in any way.

The Mirror will campaign for a return of moral and ethical values at all levels of the community. It will seek to promote the development of a dynamic work ethic among St. Lucians and will support the rule of law and maintenance of public order. The Mirror recognizes the efforts of Government, business and labour in the development of St. Lucia to be equally important and will cooperate with them to initiate and implement constructive polices for national advancement.

The Mirror supports the system of a mixed economy as being suited to the advancement of a small developing country. The Mirror believes that the development of St. Lucia must be based on the initiative, creativity and energy of its people and the extent to which they can come together to achieve national objectives. Consequently, it will seek to mobilize St. Lucians to formulate a national consensus on crucial issues that affect our country.