Security Guards Deserve Better-Martin Carasco

Man Shot to Death First Day On The Job

Security guards need some form of representation.
That was the blunt reaction of one experienced security official in the wake of the fatal shooting of one guard on the job this week.
Forty two year old Urias Dwight Compton died after an exchange of gunfire with an attempted robber  in the parking lot of the compound of Caribbean Cinemas and Dominos Pizza near the Choc roundabout on Monday night.
The MIRROR understands that Compton had only recently left his job at one company to seek better fortunes at another. Instead he became the country’s latest homicide when he was killed on the first night of his new job.
The former resident of Corinth sustained gunshot wounds to his lower body and was found slouched in his vehicle unconscious. Compton was transported to the Victoria Hospital via ambulance and was later pronounced dead by a medical practitioner at about 10:20 p.m.
It is alleged that one of two masked assailants armed with firearms was shot by the on duty security officer, but escaped. A male seeking medical attention for gunshot wounds at the Victoria Hospital later that day was reported and the suspect has since been interrogated by the police. It is not yet confirmed if the patient is connected with the armed robbery.
But former high-ranking police officer now Operations Manager of Secure St. Lucia, Martin Carasco believes security officers deserve a better deal from their employers in terms of their conditions of work.
He said: “Generally the pay of security officers is very low and they are aware from the start that there is no insurance or anything of that nature like the regular police would have. Security officers are as well exposed to so much danger. They really need some sort of representation. Some security companies only pay their guards $4.25 per hour. So many people who are in charge and who own security companies are reaping lots of money, getting rich off the backs of poorly paid guards. And those security officers work honestly to feed their families. The job entails you being in some of these places at night.”
Carasco added that in his professional opinion security officers should not be allowed to carry revolvers or pistols. He proposed that a shot gun was a better option of weapon for a guard because according to him shot guns don’t necessarily kill.
Carasco said: “One can put a low level of ammunition in a shot gun and it would scatter the shots. Someone may get a pellet in their body but they’re not going to die. I go into offices and see security officers carrying glocks and if these security officers were involved in a shooting incident, I imagine you are going to have bullets ricocheting off the walls and it would be a disaster. Tasers and other devices are not so much considered as these require high training and are very costly. Besides shot guns, security officers are not left with many more options.  It has to be something that needs to be studied properly – but who cares?

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