The Nemesis on the UWP Will Soon Be Unleashed

Denys Springer

Denys Springer

In doing Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar at St. Marys College there was a passage that always caught my eye and it reads. “There is a tide in the affairs of men which when taken at the floods leads onto fortune omitted all the voyage through their lives is bound in shallows and in misery. On such a full sea are we now afloat and we take the tide as it comes or lose our venture.” I would like to think that the government is going with the tide but the word on many people’s lips is synonymous. Let us renegotiate as it is not in the best interest of the country in its present format.
Well, after the United Workers Party (UWP) victory in June 2016, I was adamant while in Taiwan on my Research Fellowship in writing a few articles for the Mirror pleading with the party that now is the time to go after Kenny D Anthony and finish him off as a political opponent. However, the party never took heed of this warning; instead it seems as if they were more intent on a plot to humiliate him in his constituency. Well, it is going to back fire because we have somehow revived and reinvigorate the supposed dinosaur, the sleeping lion in the jungle. In my view much of the fault lies in the fact that the PR and propaganda machine of the UWP is poor and needs the caliber of people that are shrewd and diplomatic enough to put it on the same level or even better than the Labour Party’s machine.
The embryonic stage of Kenny D Anthony revival is the drive by the Labour party to scupper the DSH project by any foul means necessary. I foresee a political revolution taking place if the two sides continue to show the level of animosity against each other in regards the project. In my view there must be some sanity and a way to discuss the issue harmoniously.
Michael Chastanet on his last programe “Open Mike” made the point that the two parties should come together to talk things out on the project. I want to concur with him for the simple reason that Kenny met Teo Ah King long before the present PM and would have made an assessment of the man and what was behind him wanting this particular project to take place in Saint Lucia. Therefore, I am of the view that the PM should have an in-depth talk one on one with Kenny to discuss the project for two reasons. One he was the PM that King first approached and secondly the project is in his constituency. Quite possible they may need a Mediator if necessary and I am available being an OECS Court Mediator and also one with a Masters in that field.
The PM must remember that he is not dealing with any ordinary man in that Kenny D Anthony does have a following and will do anything he can to lead the Labour Party again as Sir John did with his victory in 2011. He has an obsession with Sir John’s record and in my view believes that Saint Lucia belongs to him. Therefore, the UWP hierarchy has to be very subtle in the way they deal with this individual. Look back at his history and he is quite capable regardless of his age to make things very difficult for the project from the start and therefore may never finish.
There were many in this country on both sides of the political divide that were of the opinion that Kenny is finish. Well, they better look at the demonstration, his speech on the Market step and his rhetoric since then and his whole mannerism. In my opinion he is of the view that he has the issue that will revive his minor political demise in June 2016. The bravado, arrogant and autocratic mannerism is now returning. He believes his beloved Saint Lucia now needs him. A classic example of the prodigal son and what is to blame for the attitude he is now showing. Obviously it is the Desert Star Holding project in that it is in his constituency and he is without a doubt the Moses that is coming forth in the modern form to save his Promised Land.
Well, as I have said before to counteract the arrogance we are seeing is to renegotiate the deal and to make sure that 80 percent of the jobs created go to people from Saint Lucia. I am not and have never been of the opinion that we don’t have the skills to do the job that is needed. What I am more concerned about is that King on his client’s behalf which is the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) don’t dump their people in Saint Lucia as they have done in other parts of the world. Nor should they insist on the government breaking diplomatic Relations with Taiwan. We are now hearing and this is based on an article in the Caribbean News Now that Dominica and elsewhere in the Caribbean is being used by the Chinese government as their base for spying on the United States. Not only that they are now pushing Saint Kitts to break diplomatic relations with Taiwan by using bogus criminal charges to influence a change of Diplomatic recognition as reported.
What must be remembered is that St. Kitts were one of the first Caribbean nation to have an Embassy in Taiwan. St. Vincent as we know under Ralph will never break ties with Taiwan so the PRC would not attempt to bribe him one way or another but we are still prone because they want to isolate Taiwan especially with the DPP in power and Taiwan having a woman president.
I am of the view that Kenny is aware of the situation and I am sure quite possibly the proposal of breaking diplomatic relations with Taiwan were on the cards when King approached him originally. Now he must come out and tell us the facts and as I have said before why he held on to the proposal for so long without notifying the public of the situation. Once again I ask was he waiting to see if he would have won the election and then spring this onto the Saint Lucian public. Remember Saint Lucia, under his leadership not even the Governor General (GG) knew about Grinberg.
In concluding let me say that if what is being said in the media is true about what is happening within the government then heads must roll. Any form of conflict of interest is unacceptable and the public will want answers. However, if it is not true then the government and the law have to take its course.
We as citizens of this country must always remember that the country is our country and therefore we must do everything in our power to leave it in a manner that our children and their children will enjoy its beauty and splendor. If we continue with the tit for tat politics I am witnessing at present and that the government is not listening then we are doomed.
At present we need level heads on both sides of the political divide. Gentlemen this is our land the Helen of the West. Remember the English and the French change hands fourteen times because strategically it was important to them. We must never forget that. Finally, I want to remind the government of a song I heard many years ago “in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight”. Well, I want to say that they have woken that lion. Therefore, they have to prepare for a form of confrontation unheard of in Saint Lucia history. Let us therefore come together and finally discuss the DSH deal once again. Let us look at its benefit to Saint Lucia on the whole. Let us resolve the conflict that may blow up in all our faces.
Let me remind the government of Martin Luther Juniors words “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. Let us therefore as a government listen not only to those we want to hear to boost our egos but those who have the vote, the populace. God bless.

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